Advice from Wilkes Barre Wills Attorney

While every attorney is different, you will hear several pieces of advice from your Wilkes Barre wills attorney. It is important to really listen to what they have to say. They are the wills attorney and they know the law where you reside. A attorney also know the judge on the wills case and what they are likely to accept or not agree to. The last thing you want is a long, drawn out wills attorney lingering. The time involved makes it hard to move forward with your life rather than feeling like you are in limbo. It also costs you more each time there is a court appearance for your attorney.

Don’t allow emotions to dictate what you are going to ask for with your wills attorney. This is excellent advice your Wilkes Barre wills attorney can offer you. It is understood you may be angry or upset at your soon to be ex spouse. Maybe you want to see them suffer for what they didn’t do during the marriage or for things they did that you didn’t approve of. Push all of that out of your mind and focus on the logic.

Dividing assets can be hard if the two parties are bumping heads for with wills. What is it that you really want? Do you want the house? If so, what are you willing to give up in assets for the other partner? Do you want primary custody of the children? If so, what type of visitation are you willing to agree to? A Wilkes Barre wills attorney may not have been the ideal spouse but if they were a good parent then you don’t want to limit their time with the kids. That will only hurt your kids in the end.

Talk to your Wilkes Barre wills attorney about the debts in the marriage too. You may not think it is fair you have to pay for things they charged up but if you were married at the time then legally you are both obligated. It may be better to take on more of the debt and to get the wills attorney done than to fight over it and drag it out. Of course you don’t want to give in and pay for all of it just to get them out of the marriage. That gives them a free way off the hook and that isn’t healthy for you either.

Identify what is really key for you to get out of the wills attorney. Those are the issues your Wilkes Barre wills attorney can argue. If you are flexible and agreeable with most everything else, it gives you plenty of weight in the court room. The judge won’t see it as a he said/she said type of situation where both parties are just trying to get even with the other. They will listen to what you want when it is just a few things and try to make it happen.

If you are scared of your partner, you don’t have to worry. You aren’t going to be alone with them in the courtroom. Try to work out an arrangement you can both agree to so that the issue doesn’t have to involve friends or family testifying on the behalf of either of you.